Introduction/Cigar Guy, Revealed

welcome to a weekly, as yet untitled column that hopes to bring a critical perspective to perezsolomon.  in this space you will find the occasional rant, the occasional diatribe, and frequent vulgarity-laden drivel regarding cultural happenings both in the u.s. and abroad. i am an american currently living in norway, so please indulge me if i sprinkle so tidbits about norwegian society into this space. and now onto the drivel…

i’m sure you are all familiar with cigar man or cigar guy, the turbaned, cigar totting, finely mustachioed man in the shot of tiger woods at the ryder cup.  given the sudden onslaught of internet super-stardom, one would imagine that all efforts would be made to track down cigar guy and subsequently release all of his personal details onto an information-starved public. no such details have emerged, however.  a brief internet search revealed a startling, yet surprisingly logical theory. yes, cigar guy is a clever viral-marketing ploy, but who is the culprit?

a visit to sacha baron cohen’s wikipedia seemingly provides no clues to resolving the matter. but things would have appeared quite different if you had visited the page at 6:00 pm et, you would have seen quite a bit more information under the the section entitled “future projects“:

“in august 2010, empire magazine leaked an interview with sacha baron cohen about an upcoming film by accidentally posting the interview 2 months early.[22]  sacha described his new role as a “muslim pansexual transvestite sports professional” named afzal. it was later decided he would be a professional golfer, after previously having wanted his role to be an upcoming premier league football star, it was decided by cohen’s lawyers that this was potentially too dangerous due to backlash from fans. cohen also noted that it would be necessary to use facial prosthetics due to him now being so recognisable worldwide and aimed to make his character “of middle eastern descent and slightly chubby; basically not your archetypal sports star.” cohen discussed how his new character is aimed to bring about dialogue about the closeted nature of homosexuality in the sports industry and reveal some of the shocking views held by some within it. no release date or title for the film has yet been announced.”

this paragraph was later removed by the content drones at wikipedia for lack of source material.  apparently, the interview that the blurb refers to has been removed.  curious. neglecting for a moment that the web address format does not match any of empire‘s other interviews and that the wikipedia entry could just be baseless speculation (or yet another phase of the viral marketing – a “plan fiendishly clever in its intricacies”)  is the possibility that cigar guy sacha baron cohen that surprising? consider the evidence.

here is a close-up of the first picture of cigar guy, the one that has been photoshopped time and again.

cigar guy

seems alright.  but who could have imagined there would be a side-angle shot of  still even more detail.

side view

ahh the groucho marxian mustache; if that doesn’t shout showmanship, i don’t know what else does.  considering these photos in light of the wikipedia excerpt, it is all too clear.   bobby valentine would be proud, sacha.

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