Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #2

guest post by @bsb84


-2 last week. not so terrible. let’s get onto this week.

pats -3 vs jets. the jets looked brutal on monday night. plus with sanchez automatically checking down without even letting the play develop, well yea, i like the pats chances. i hadn’t been to an nfl game since the 04 season and now i’m going to this game, my second jets game within 6 days.

rams +2 vs raiders. seriously though, are we sure this guy wasn’t the qb last weekend? anything i can do every week to involve the raiders in this and link pictures to jamarcus russell i think i’m going to do.

browns -2 vs chiefs. so the chiefs beat one of the better teams in the league while the browns lost to putrid tb and the browns are favored?!?!?!?. i smell sucker bet all the way and am going with the browns in this one.

pittsburgh +5.5 vs tennessee. even without big ben i can’t see tennesse winnig this game, if they even do, by more than the line. now that polamalu is healthy the steelers are in every game. plus the titans defense was atrocious last year and until i see them play a decent team i will still think they are atrocious.

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