Top 10 Most Annoying Pet Peeves

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10. escalators

when people think that it’s okay to stop at the top or bottom of an escalator right when they get off, causing a huge jam of people.

9. fountain soda bars

when people think that it’s okay to take as long as they want at the fountain soda bar. taking their dear old time selecting which soda to fill up their 32 oz cup. then taking another 15 minutes figuring out how to put that crappy plastic lid on only to realize they had the wrong size.

8. inconsiderate people on public transportation

when people think that it’s okay to take up two seats on a bus or subway. or even worse, when you have to stand on the subway and there’s that one guy that hugs the pole and you have nothing to hold on to.

7. internet ads (except the ones on this site)

when websites think it’s okay to place advertisements all over the place. ads that make you think you won something, or trick you into clicking, and then give your computer a virus.

6. when twitter is over capacity

when twitter gets over worked and the stupid whale page shows up. can somebody over there get it together? it’s not like you’re a leading website or anything.

5. public bathrooms

when people don’t flush the toilet. how hard is it really? you’re not gonna get a disease by touching the handle.

4. people who hate texters

people with a pet peeve of when other people are texting all the time. get with the times, everyone is texting, it’s just the way it is. if i want to text at a restaurant, or while i’m driving, or at a movie, let me be.

3. farmville/world of warcraft

i don’t get it. do you win something? when you look back at the 5,000+ hours you wasted of your life, what will you say to yourself?

2. multiple sneezers

are you looking for attention or something? sneeze once and get it over with.

1. people that comment negatively on blogs

keep your negative comments to yourself. you know i can just delete it if i don’t like pissed off at life must you be to write a negative comment on someone’s blog?

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