Haircut of the Day – Tim Tebow

the following are excerpts and links from the denver post:

on the haircut, which tebow said he gladly accepted to “build chemistry.”

say this for tim tebow: for all the big-money endorsement deals and status as a first-round draft pick, he’s no prima donna.

tebow proved that saturday when he submitted to the traditional rookie ritual of receiving a ridiculous haircut from the team’s veterans.

“i just took it, tried to be a good sport with it,” tebow said. “it was fun, you know? i think all the rookies had a good time with it.”

on his performance before a big home crowd at practice:

perhaps it was a strategic move on coach josh mcdaniels’ part, or maybe it was just a present to the tebowmaniacs, but tebow received significantly more action in this two-hour practice at the team’s home stadium than he has in normal practices at the team facility.

and the rookie first-round draft pick did not disappoint. he threw for a touchdown to fellow first-round pick demaryius thomas in a live team drill, and a few minutes later rushed for a touchdown.

on the challenge of changing his throwing motion:

the broncos put tebow through a series of drills in the offseason. they had him keep a towel pinned against his body under his right — nonthrowing — elbow to keep his body in the proper alignment so his release point would be a little higher.

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