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  • http://Website MrSatyre

    C’mon. Crush any beer or soda can and tell me how you accomplished it, and with how much effort. Did you stomp on it? Did you crush it in your manly, Hulk-sized fist? How many times do you think you can do it before it becomes tiring, painful, or both?

    Now imagine you’re someone who’s less manly than you (I know, it’s hard). Now imagine a mere child, or an older person who has osteoporosis or weak joints.

    You see? Not so worthless after all.

  • http://Website haha

    Haha, worthless indeed.

  • http://Website ozzylynn

    I guess you don’t recycle then. Or go through a case of Natty a night. Just sayin.

  • Biomass Fuels

    Lolz… really very funny to see this but it has a nice use that you can crush your tin cans with it and then you can sell them to those industries who used to recycle them to make new ones. So that you can earn a great deal of money from them and you can reduce your garbage weight too. Thanks for posting…

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