Douchebag Maneuver of the Week! #1

here is this week’s douchebag maneuver…

douchebag maneuver: cutting people off in a line of traffic



dear readers,

every week i will be posting a new douchbag maneuver from our new friends at be sure to check out more at their website.


so what the hell is a douchebag maneuver?

well,, the leading authority on the subject, defines the term as follows:

douchebag maneuver
an intended or controlled deviation from normal social behaviour due to arrogance, lack of empathy, or insensitivity. origin: from douchebag (perjorative term dating from 1960’s) the term douchebag maneuver came into use around the year 2000, and was introduced into the mainstream through garner andrews morning radio show.

source: http://righthere

here’s another great one – yearbook douchebag

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