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my dear friends, i am happy to introduce to you one of the most recent hobbies i grew to discover while doing some online research, trying to come across some hot topics to write about. so, with no further ado, i would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the game of online roulette, the popularity and various kinds of games you could be playing, and the main reasons to do it. if you are at least a little bit acquainted with the type of things i like in life, and also with the stuff i like to share with you, chances are you are also going to much appreciate today’s recommendation:

roulette is so popular among casino games that it almost has become a symbol of casino and gambling in general. what is the secret of the game that gives it its special charm? well, the word “roulette” literally means a “small wheel” in french. all you have to do to play roulette is to wait the dealer to spin the wheel, drop the ball, make a bet and wait until the ball rests on the right cell. as you see, there is nothing complicated. everything is very simple. but the moment before the ball rests on a cell still takes breath away from hundreds of people playing roulette. and this goes exactly the same way for folks who love to play online roulette games in places like

there are two types of roulette: european or french roulette that has 37 cells and american roulette that has 38 cells. the difference appeared in the xix centry, when louis blanc added 0 cell to the roulette invented by blaise pascal, while americans decided to add not only 0 cell, but also 00 cell. the main numbers 1 to 36 alternate between black and red colors. besides that, the european wheel has a green cell numbered 0, while the wheel of the american roulette has two green cells – 0 and 00. the objective of a gambler is to predict on which cell finally the ball rests. you may make your bet before the dealer spins the wheel and while the ball bounces on the wheel. roulette betting is simple too. a wager on the roulette table may be placed on a single number, or be used to cover 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, and even up to 18 different cells during one spin. actually there is a wide variety of bets a player is allowed to make. you can bet on individual numbers, rows, columns, odd or even numbers and red or black numbers. the zero and double zero are not considered as numbers belonging to any row, column, color or odd/even classification.


roulette has been played in land casinos for a long time. today people more often enjoy playing roulette online. roulette games make a part of the standard set of games offered by the best online casinos. modern software and graphics create an atmosphere of a real casino to you, except for there is no other people in the room that would bother you. it is just you, roulette and lady luck. so why not play roulette online? check out a couple of online roulette reviews and find at least a couple of trustworthy gambling venues you know you can put your full confidence in.

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