My Review of “Inception”

“the best movie ever!”

“mind blowing”

“visually some of the most amazing scenes in a movie”

those are just a few of the ridiculous and over-exaggerated critiques you will hear about this movie.

i will admit, “inception” was original, creative, and entertaining. a refreshing summer blockbuster that wasn’t the typical comic book hero remake. i did enjoy it, in fact, i liked it a lot. however, it’s not “the most astonishing thing you will see all year. it may be one of the most astonishing things you will ever see.”

i mean, a 9.4/10 on, and #3 on their all time best movie list??? please. this movie won’t even be nominated for best film at the academy awards, unless they nominate 10 movies again like they did last year. how dare they put  this on a list next to “the shawshank redemption”, “the godfather”, and “schindler’s list”. christopher nolan, i commend you for this film and many others you have created. everyone else, hop off and stop acting like the wheel was just re-invented.

i think one of the most annoying things about saying anything negative about this movie is what the die-hards will say…

“you didn’t like it? you must not have understood it. you are too dumb and ignorant to understand nolan’s vision.”

however, i think joanna langfield of the movie minute said it best

“it is not that i don’t understand (well, pretty much, anyway) or appreciate the intense ambition of christopher nolan’s trip into the world of dreams. but why did a movie designed to blow your mind, leave mine, while originally tickled, ultimately unmoved.”

read some more, negative, “not on nolan’s nutsack” reviews here –

inception also has an amazing cast…however, too many actors + too many story lines + a confusing plot + 2.5 hours = not enough time for character development.

bottom line, 10 years from now, will you remember inception or the matrix?

i leave you with this quote by andrew o’hehir from

inception may have been directed by christopher nolan, but nolan’s dreams are apparently directed by michael bay.

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