Play Paintball With The Cast of “The Wire” in NYC

paintball tournament 2010: the street vs. the law

the wire: paintball edition: jamie hector (marlo) has organized a paintball tournament for this saturday to benefit his non-profit youth organization moving mountains, pitting fellow cast members against each other as “the streets vs. the law”—including michael k. williams (omar), sonia sohn (kima), snoop pearson, anwan glover (slim charles), and more. those who have always dreamed of popping a paint-cap in omar or snoop’s ass without fear of violent retribution can sign up for one of three team packages ranging from $750 to $2500, the latter of which includes a special meet-and-greet. the game’s out there, and it’s play or get played—that simple. to play, sign up here.   via avclub

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