Just When You Thought Teva Couldn’t Get Any More Lame

teva sandals, the lamest, dorkiest sandal of all time just got a little nerdier. just when you thought teva’s with socks was the worst it could get, teva introduces a new sandal with a led light on it.

the teva illum (msrp: $50), a state-of-the- art flip-flop complete with waterproof, detachable led lights connected to the straps. the illum replaces the headlamp with the pedlamp to create “the glow from below,” a convenient and practical way to avoid the pitfalls of stumbling around in the dark.

the newly engineered topsole material and microfiber strap lining make the sandals appealing to the feet during daylight hours and the spider365 rubber outsole offers plenty of traction. but it’s at night when the illum truly shines, leaving darkness a step behind.

get it: at rei (1416 platte st.) or teva.com

via denver post

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