Sorority of the Week – Alpha Chi Omega at Villanova University

the sisters of alpha chi omega are all unique individuals. we come together to form a strong bond in sisterhood. the differences within each sister create a strength within our chapter that cannot be broken.

sisters by chance, friends by choice…

welcome to the zeta tau chapter of alpha chi omega!

check out their website at

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  • teddy mellace


  • Eric Johnson

    Easily my most favorite frat at Villanova… You go girls!!!

  • lord of the flies

    how come none of the girls are looking at the camera? except the girl on the top right..

  • Dragon Slayer

    Damn these girls are hot…nice pick perez

  • gex

    hotties from the mainline!!!

  • Electricslide Naked

    where is that girl lisa? danggg i used to love staring at her ass across the exchange

  • I

    Ow Oww – what hotties

  • Perez Solomon

    Thanks for the comments, Send me pics for more Sorority of the Week submissions