Some Mildly Amusing Photos of Old People

old people dance party

click here for

flipping the ol’ bird

beach boogie down

this granny gets cross-eyed when she drinks.

“old people are still worthwhile”

old people halloween

grandma loves satan

“cannabis may cut alzheimer’s risk”

“pot use soars among older americans”

nuns with guns

funky old lady

gramps and guitar hero

old people pillow fight

old people party

elderly wii baseball

jack nicholson is pretty old

old people video games

don’t mess with granny!

chug, chug, chug!

cuddle party

old people skating

old hippies

grandma drank too much

pretty princess

fight to the death!

old nudists

sexy grannies

granny’s first (and possibly last) gravity bong

old lady beer bong

she looks so happy!

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