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gillette® timeline of shaving firsts

a quick look at gillette through the years

  • 1901 king c. gillette invents the safety razor with disposable blades.
  • 1903 gillette manufactures the first safety razor. by year’s end, gillette sells 51 razor sets and 168 blades.
  • 1904 gillette receives the first u.s. patent on the safety razor, sales soar to 90,000 razors and 12 million blades.
  • 1932 gillette introduces the gillette blue blade.
  • 1938 gillette introduces the gillette thin blade.
  • 1946 gillette introduces the first blade dispenser – the gillette blue blade dispenser – and eliminates the need to unwrap blades.
  • 1957 gillette introduces an adjustable razor with three settings – for light, medium and heavy beards.
  • 1960 gillette introduces the super blue blade featuring a silicone coating.
  • 1963 gillette introduces a coated stainless steel blade – gillette super stainless.
  • 1969 gillette introduces platinum chromium coating of blades, designed to enhance corrosion resistance.
  • 1971 gillette introduces trac ii, the first twin-blade shaving system.
  • 1976 gillette introduces good news!, the first twin blade disposable razor for men.
  • 1977 gillette introduces atra, the first razor with a pivoting head.
  • 1985 gillette introduces the first razor with a lubricating strip – atra plus.


  • 1986 gillette introduces the first disposable razor with a lubricating strip – good news! plus.
  • 1989 gillette introduces sensor, the first razor with spring-mounted twin blades.
  • 1992 gillette launches gillette series line of shaving products with its signature cool wave fragrance.
  • 1994 gillette introduces sensorexcel featuring five flexible microfins for a closer shave.
  • 1998 gillette’s mach3® shaving system, the first triple-blade shaving system, “breaks the performance barrier.”
  • 2001 gillette introduces mach3turbo® featuring new blade edge technology that delivers the closest and most comfortable shave with less irritation, even when shaving against the grain.
  • 2003 gillette introduces the premium triple-bladed sensor3 disposable razor to the sensor family of razors.
  • 2004 gillette introduces m3power® – the first micro-powered wet shaving system for men – making it easier to shave more thoroughly with one easy power stroke.
  • 2004 gillette introduces the sensor3 refillable triple-bladed shaving system to the sensor family of razors.
  • 2005 gillette expands the m3power line with the introduction of the sleek black and green m3power nitro, inspired by high-performance vehicles.
  • 2005 gillette introduces mach3 comfort gel, a shave gel with anti-friction properties to provide the best glide available.
  • 2005 gillette launches the gillette fusion® shaving system with manual and power razors and a complete line of pre- and post-shaving products. gillette fusion razors are the first to feature innovative technologies both on the front and back of the blade cartridge, with a five-blade shaving surface™ on the front of the cartridge and a precision trimmer on the back.
  • 2007 gillette announces that tiger woods, roger federer, and thierry henry will take on a role as brand ambassadors: the gillette champions.


  • 2008 gillette announces gillette champions ambassador—baseball icon, derek jeter.
  • 2010 gillette introduces gillette fusion® proglide™ and gillette fusion® proglide™ power shaving systems. the breakthrough shaving technology of gillette fusion proglide includes blades with 15% thinner, finer blade edges that effortlessly glide through hair and over skin for incredible comfort.
  • 2010 gillette fusion proseries™, an advanced line of skin care products designed to drive incredible comfort before and after the shave is launched creating an ideal shaving and skincare regimen. the new line includes gillette fusion proseries thermal face scrub, gillette fusion proseries sensitive face wash, gillette fusion proseries intense cooling lotion, and gillette fusion proseries instant hydration uv moisturizer.


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