“K-Strass” The Fake Yo-Yo Trickster

this man, kenny strasser, or “k-strass” has been pretending to be a master yo-yo trickster and getting multiple appearances on local tv news stations around the midwest. no one knows how he keeps managing to fake his way on, but this guy is hilarious. are the tv stations not asking for a demo before putting him on the air?

watch this fool below.

his latest appearance occurred thursday morning on kqtv’s “hometown this morning,” in st. joseph, mo.

“he got us,” said bridget blevins, the station’s news director. “i hate that we got duped.”

and how good was he with the yo-yo, a skill strasser has said made him a champion? “he did some really lame things. he hit himself in the face and the groin with his yo-yo,” blevins said.

lisa malak, who anchors the “sunday morning” show on wfrv in green bay, thought it would be fun to book somebody who said he was a yo-yo champion. when strasser showed up april 11, he said he forgot the string for his yo-yo. with no tricks, malak and strasser spent their live tv segment talking.

“it was the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to me on the air,” malak said.

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