Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #16

Guest post by @BSB84

The editor of this site forgot to post my picks from last week, however I went 5-10-1 bringing my total record to 73-70-3.

Jacksonville -3.5 vs Tennessee – I don’t plan on watching one second of this game. The only reason I’m picking it it because the Jags are favored for the first time in 42 games (one shy of tying the record)

Houston +5.5 vs Baltimore – Baltimore is really good, but I think even with a backup QB, the Texans can take advantage of the Ravens decimated secondary

Seattle -8 vs Arizona – Seattle is starting to pull it all together and with Ryan Lindley at qb, yea

San Diego +1 vs San Francisco
Philadelphia -7.5 vs Washington
Minnesota +6.5 vs Miami
Green Bay -10.5 vs Tampa Bay
Chicago +9 vs Detroit
Atlanta +6 vs New Orleans
New England -10 vs NY Jets
Pittsburgh -4 vs KC
Cleveland +3.5 vs Carolina
NY Giants +5 vs St. Louis
Buffalo -5.5 vs Buffalo
Indianapolis +3 vs Dallas
Cincinnati +3 vs Denver

Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #14

Guest post by @BSB84

Brian Berger NFL PIcksBack after a long break due to the holiday and work craziness. I was 62-51-1 before my break.

New Orleans -9.5 vs Carolina – I don’t know what to make of the Saints, however, I do know that the Panthers are terrible
Cleveland – +3.5 vs Indianapolis – Been on home dogs all year. Plus, just when you thin the Browns are ready to fall off, they find a way to win a game that maybe they shouldn’t have
Houston -5 vs Jacksonville – All hail JJ Watt. I’m terrified for Blake Bortles

Rest of the Picks
Chicago +3.5 vs Dallas
Miami -3 vs Baltimore
Pittsburgh +3 vs Cincinnati
Tennessee PK vs NY Giants (good lord this game is awful)
Detroit -9.5 vs Tampa
Washington +2.5 vs St. Louis
Minnesota -6 vs NY Jets
Denver -9.5 vs Buffalo
Kansas City +1 vs Arizona
Oakland +8 vs San Fran
Philadelphia -1 vs Seattle
New England -3.5 vs San Diego
Green Bay -12.5 Atlanta (not sure they can make this line high enough)

This Weeks Topic:
Checking in on Super Bowl Odds! When we checked these back at the end of October here is what they looked like (all numbers courtesy of Bovada):

Denver – 3/1
Green Bay – 8/1
Seattle – 9/1
Dallas – 9/1
New England – 12/1
Indianapolis – 12/1
San Diego – 12/1
San Fran – 14/1
Philadelphia – 16/1


Green Bay 7/2
New England – 15/4
Denver – 17/4
Seattle – 13/2
Philadelphia – 12/1
Indianapolis – 18/1
Detroit – 25/1
Arizona/Cincinnati/Dallas/New Orleans/San Diego/San Fran – 28/1

A few takeaways. While Denver is still pretty close to where they were a few weeks ago, the Pats and Packers have taken huge leaps. Also, back in October, the teams were pretty bunched together. Right now there are really four favorites, Green Bay, New England, Denver and Seattle and then everyone else. I’ll check back in with these probably during week 17 or so.